Friday, February 28, 2020

The middle east - a hotbed of conflict Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The middle east - a hotbed of conflict - Essay Example Speaking from a truly global standpoint, Middle East has proven to be a linchpin as far as having a clear cut understanding of the Arab nations is concerned. This is because the entire Arab region is linked with severe problems left, right and center. These problems have taken place due to lack of cultural adherences, an improper infrastructure within the different nations that exist within the Middle East region, and an overall mistrust in each other’s issues and undertakings. It would be appropriate to state that the Middle East has become a hotbed for conflict to arise sooner rather than later. The same happens on a very proactive basis whenever the world’s stock prices fluctuate and whenever there are financial issues arising in the wake of the economic aspects taking place. The Middle East has been a conflict hotbed because the people, who matter the most, i.e. the governmental top heads and the like, have paid less heed towards the domains of their own people. All they have focused on is to exponentially increase their respective capitals and to double their relevant investment regimes . They have not emphasized on how bad the economic domains of their countries are or how they are coping up with the other countries within the region. A lack of a coherent strategy within the entire Middle East lays the basis for serious conflict to arise, and this is a very grave anomaly indeed.

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